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A Retrospective is a meeting held at the end of a sprint to discuss its successful elements and those that could be improved. The aim is to ensure that teams continue to incorporate the ‘good things’ in the future whilst fixing whatever is broken or requires improvement.

The Format
Each member of the team will need some post it notes and something to write or draw with.

The first task is for each of the team members to draw a picture or write a word that describes how they feel about the sprint. (more…)


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Yahoo! have recently banned working from home, fair enough they are in bit of a pickle having fallen behind the competition and drastic action is probably required. But, is forcing everyone back into the office part of the solution? OK, workers will be present, engaging with one another but they may also be interrupting and distracting fellow workers from their tasks. (more…)

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I am at a web development company that splits up the work flow thus: Illustrators, Designers, Front End coders, Developers, Producers, Beggar man and Thief. I am contracting as a Front End coder. I spend my days coding XHTML, CSS and a little JavaScript. I miss being involved with the design aspect of developing a web site but have little to complain about as the position was clearly advertised for what it was when I applied. (more…)

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I was asked to attend the second meeting with a client and perhaps this fact alone should have rang alarm bells. This first requirements capture meeting had taken place without me as it was overseas and was going to be more concerned with thrashing out the contract than the design of the site. In hindsight I realise that it was here that I made my first mistake and it was a basic, school boy error. I did not provide the attendees of the meeting with a list of basic questions to ask. Better still I could have emailed the questions directly to the client and got the answers straight from the horses mouth. (more…)

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