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I advise to always take a notebook and pen into meetings and take notes. It helps to keep focused and the ink will not fade unlike memory. The notes can be a great tool to help review the meetings content and as a reference should you become unsure of anything. Taking notes also helps to maintain an efficient work flow as you will not have to interrupt other peoples work with questions about what was agreed in a meeting that you attended. (more…)


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I was asked to attend the second meeting with a client and perhaps this fact alone should have rang alarm bells. This first requirements capture meeting had taken place without me as it was overseas and was going to be more concerned with thrashing out the contract than the design of the site. In hindsight I realise that it was here that I made my first mistake and it was a basic, school boy error. I did not provide the attendees of the meeting with a list of basic questions to ask. Better still I could have emailed the questions directly to the client and got the answers straight from the horses mouth. (more…)

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