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I was in The Museum of Modern Art New York looking at a design exhibition when I came across a couple of posters that slapped me in the face, yanking me out of my torpid day dream. They were by a designer called Stefan Sagmeister. The first, called Fresh Dialogue was designed to advertise a debate taking place as part of an AIGA lecture series in1996. Sagmeister bought two tongues from a local market which he then photographed and set against a white background with the information hand written in black text. The wet red fleshy tongues both revolt and intrigue drawing you in to see what the poster is all about, challenging the view to look and investigate further. The second poster was produced to advertise another AIGA lecture Sagmeister was giving. The text is scratched in bloody cuts into a his torose. Blood beads up on the cross bar of a T and it is hard not to think of the pain that he must have endured and wonder if he was left physically scared. It is a committed piece, violent and a little scary made all the more powerful by the brutality of it’s execution. (more…)

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