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A Wire frame describes a web site or application using black and white lines, text and boxes. They are an extremely fast way of developing the layout, navigation and usability of a website or application. They are quick and easy to change enabling the creation of many variations at minimal cost. They can be created using anything from a pencil and piece of paper through to sophisticated software such as Auxere, Visio, Expression blend and Power point or with many free applications that are available.

The advantage of using wire frames to aid the discussion of functionality, navigation and site hierarchy is (more…)

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Why prototype?

Prototypes can be used to explore how a users navigate through a site or reach goals using a feature. They provide a great way of testing usability before development starts.

  • Help to gather user (or business) requirements
  • Enable you to think through different scenarios and possibilities
  • You can try out different solutions
  • Aid communication with users, developers and business owners
  • They can reduce the risk of needing to rework and redeploy a completed element.

A good prototype will use a sample set of data and simulate as closely as possible how the finished feature will work. (more…)

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